05 February 2013

How To: Red Lip

Red lip Shopaholics Journey lipstick

Ah the classic red lip! So many fashion and beauty icons have dazzled us on screen with their scarlet lips mixed with an air of class, sexiness and a hint of danger.  This is one beauty trend that never goes out of style, looks misplaced or dates!  It works amazingly well on everyone, you just need to find a shade that suits you!  Below is, in my humble opinion, how to achieve a perfect red lip!

What you will need:

Shopaholics Journey red lipstick nuxe lip balm lipliner chanel lipstick

1.Lip Balm  
2.Lipliner (neutral or red)  
3.Red Lipstick of your choice 
Tip! If you are super pale and cant find a shade you like, maybe go for a deep fuschia

Shopaholics Journey lips

First start with exfoliated and moisturised lips

Shopaholics Journey

Then line your lips with your chosen liner.  If you choose a red one make sure it matches the shade of your lipstick!

Shopaholics Journey

Then I usually fill in the rest of my lips with the lipliner but you can skip this step if you so wish

Red lip Shopaholics Journey lipstick

Then cover your lips with lipstick either straight from the bullet or for a more precise application use a lip brush!

Tip! For longevity, blot the first layer of lipstick then re-apply another coat of lipstick! It really does work!!

Red lip Shopaholics Journey lipstick

This is how I've learnt to perfect a Red lip on myself but this method can be used with any shade of lipstick that you wish!

Which tips have you mastered when you apply your lipstick??

Love xx

p.s. I bought a new camera when I was in South Korea so I hope the pictures are a much better quality now!