28 January 2013

Australian Bucket List


As you read this I am probably going to be in the air somewhere above Europe, Africa or Asia.  I've been thinking about all the wonderful opportunities I will be exposed to while 'Down Under' and these are a few things that I want to do while I'm in Australia! 

1. Dive the great barrier reef

2. Visit an Aborigine tribes

3. Play a digaridoo

4. Learn to throw a boomerang

5. See an Opera at the Sydney Opera house

6. Learn (or at least try) to surf

7. Meet (and maybe eat) a Kangaroo!

8. Go to Penguin Island

9. Try a Tim Tam slam

And a few things I DON'T want to happen

1. Encounter any sort of deadly animal! Especially snakes and spiders!!

2. Get skin cancer from the massive ozone hole (SPF50 will be my new best friend!)

This list is by no means exhaustive so if you have been to or live in Australia, then please let me know a few of your highlights and what else you think I should go to see and do!

Love xx

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