28 January 2013

Australian Bucket List


As you read this I am probably going to be in the air somewhere above Europe, Africa or Asia.  I've been thinking about all the wonderful opportunities I will be exposed to while 'Down Under' and these are a few things that I want to do while I'm in Australia! 

1. Dive the great barrier reef

2. Visit an Aborigine tribes

3. Play a digaridoo

4. Learn to throw a boomerang

5. See an Opera at the Sydney Opera house

6. Learn (or at least try) to surf

7. Meet (and maybe eat) a Kangaroo!

8. Go to Penguin Island

9. Try a Tim Tam slam

And a few things I DON'T want to happen

1. Encounter any sort of deadly animal! Especially snakes and spiders!!

2. Get skin cancer from the massive ozone hole (SPF50 will be my new best friend!)

This list is by no means exhaustive so if you have been to or live in Australia, then please let me know a few of your highlights and what else you think I should go to see and do!

Love xx

24 January 2013

That awkward moment when....

shoe shoes high heel boots zara flats sam edelman nine west

....you arrive in Glasgow with 2 pairs of shoes and leave with 7.  

Zara sandal high heel

Zara sandal high heel

Zara // was £39.99 now £16.99

Zara flat studded shoes

Zara flat studded shoes

Zara // was £39.99 now £19.99

Zara flat spike tartan shoes

Zara flat spike tartan shoes

Zara // £29.99

Nine West Heel boots

Nine West Heel boots

Nine West // was £155 now £29

Sam Edelman Lorissa heel shoe

Sam Edelman Lorissa heel shoe

Sam Edelman // was £205 now £105

So as you can see I've been living up to my name...but I'm soo happy with my purchases!  The January sales are my time to shop for all the clothes, shoes, accessories etc that I will need all year so I allow myself to go a little crazy before I start saving the rest of the year.  I cannot remember the last time I bought something full price- I always wait for sales or have used my student discount (usually both LOL).  It has been my method for a few years now and has really worked for me! 

What are your money saving tips? Do you love shoes as much as I do?

Love xx

14 January 2013

International Student

So its official...I'm moving to Sydney!!

I'm going to be doing a leadership course at Hillsong College- its a year long and I'm super excited to be able to travel and spend a year abroad!  Admittedly I'll miss my friends and family very much but I've always loved travelling and cant wait to see what living 'Down Under' is like!


More updates to come soon!

Love xx

Ebay listings

Hello loves!

MAC Immortal Flower and MAC Modern Mandarin

Just to let you know that I'm selling 2 blushes from the 2012 MAC 'Tres Chic' collection on my Ebay store.  Modern Mandarin(L) and Immortal flower(R) are both satin finish, peachy toned blushes, I bought them when the collection was first released but they were too light for me so I'm selling them.  You can check out reviews for them online here and here.

Thanks for taking a look!

Love xx

04 January 2013

January Sales Haul 2012/13

Hello loves!

I picked up a few things in the sale so decided that I would show you what I got.  This year I decided to do all my sale shopping online because I dreaded facing the crowds, cold, wind and rain! Plus I was ill for a few days so recovery was paramount :D

Online stores mentioned:

Did you manage to get anything nice in the sales this year?

Love xx

03 January 2013




Around this time of year, to be very honest, I'm never as prepared as other people.  I always scramble to write down what I'd like to happen/change during the new year and end up forgetting it all a week later.  So this year I decided to take a few days to think about a few things I'd really like to work on.  2012 was certainly a year of the unexpected.  Whether it was highs or lows, Psalm ch37 vs23-24 was definitely true in my life!  Here are just a few things I am thankful for in 2012:


Seeing my boyfriend graduate and get the job of his dreams

My Sisters

Staying alive
Good friends
Paying my tithe regularly, without fail
Paying off my overdraft
Finally having financial freedom
Constantly having a job
Self funding my next adventure

In 2013 there will be quite a few changes in my life (more about that later) and so I have a more definite idea of where I want to be by the end of the year!  These are the things I want to develop during this year:

1. Have a closer relationship with God
2. Improve my health and overall eating habits
3. Buy a nice camera...and take more pictures with said camera 
4. Have a concrete 5 and 10 year plan
5. Journal/Blog more
6. Travel
7. Increase my savings by at least 100%
8. See every purchase I make as an investment (whether it be clothing, shoes, food, entertainment etc)
9. Keep in contact with good friends
10. Learn to love myself 

Some things are simple...others not so much but I deem them all necessary.  I have high hopes for 2013 and made this blog post mainly to remind myself of what I'm aiming for.

What goals do you have in  mind for this year? 

Love xx