30 March 2012


Some say I'm obsessed...I call it passion! I have been eyeing this collection up since it was released in the USA and have known EXACTLY what I wanted.  So 2 weeks before it was released in the UK I had rung up my local MAC store and found out where and when it would be launching.  

The night before the launch I slept over at a friends house in a different city and aimed to get to the store 1/2 hour after they opened (so I wouldn't seem crazy lol).  Below is what I picked up...

Two of the lipsticks: L-R: Watch Me Simmer (Amplified) and Quick Sizzle (Matte)

This kissable lipcolour is the first lipgloss that I LOVE! I am planning on buying one more of these to last me through spring and summer.  If you want a product that has the colour intensity of a lipstick but has the ease of application that comes with a lip-gloss, then this is for you! Seriously try them if you've never considered them before, I doubt you'll be disappointed ;)

L-R: Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle and So Vain

This is my first eyeshadow quad from MAC and I love all the colours in it! I do have to say though that a few of the colours need a little 'work' to get them going but are lovely all the same.

L-R: Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Brash and Full Of Flavour

I love this collection! I only wish that the packaging wasn't just a pretty sleeve.  

What do you think of the MAC Shop MAC and Cook MAC collections? Did you manage to get anything from them?

Love xx

25 March 2012

Since you last saw me...

...I've handed in my dissertation,
Thanked God for the person who created concealer,
Attended a wedding,
And lost 14lbs (post on this soon)!

Gorgeous friends, how are you? I have missed blogging soo much but this being my last year at University means the pressure is on! But its the final countdown and I'll be a graduate soon *yay*

I have banned myself from buying any new clothes till July (Zara and H&M have been making this decision VERY hard to keep!) But because of this I've gone into beauty overdrive! My wishlist is ever increasing thanks to YouTubers and purchases have become rewards for working hard at University.

My love of nail polish is on a new time high and I'm loving the variety of colours and finishes that are avaliable at the moment! Here are (quite) a few that I've picked up in the last few months:

 L-R: Galaxy, Meteor Shower and Gold Flash

 When I saw 'Gold Flash' my heart skipped a beat!  I've been looking for a true, solid gold nail polish for months now and I've finally found one that satisfies my soul! They were on offer for '3 for £17'.  May I just say that AA nail polishes are the best I've tried so far! Gold flash wore for 5 days without chipping and it was only on the 7th day that the chipping was very noticeable! The glitter ones I've used as top coats and they just stayed on my nails till I was bored and wanted a change.  Needless to say, I'll be back to get some more soon!

L-R: Little Miss Sunshine, Heathrow, Hampstead Gardens

The Nails Inc. counter I went to was having a 'buy 2 get 1 free' offer (They usually retail for £11 each) on and I was already in the market for 'Hampstead Gardens' so threw caution to the wind and picked up these other gorgeous shades.  Now they may not look like much but they are the perfect selection of nudes for me

L-R: Kabaret and The southbank

Someone at boots decided to put a load of Nails Inc. polishes in the reduced section for £5.50 each! So I picked up the *perfect* summer grey and a nice metallic blue.   

L-R: Atomic(looks blue but is a gorgeous teal colour), Antique Burgundy and Sassy sparkle

For 99p each these nail polishes are seriously hard to resist! They have the widest colour selection I've ever seen and wear beautifully! Seriously consider picking a few of these up if you haven't already 

L-R: Silver glitter, White, Yellow and Baby pink
For the purpose of being more adventurous with my nail design I've picked up a few of these from Poundland :) 

It took me a while to decide on getting this nail polish.  I *hunted* for a similar colour in a less expensive  brand but nothing sang to me quite like this shade.  Then Debenhams had a 10% off all beauty and I took the plunge

'June' is from the Chanel s/s12 collection and is the perfect orange-peach.  I think its one of those colours that warms your skin and gives you that pop of colour but its still office/work appropriate.  In short I love it!

I'm very pleased with my first Chanel polish but I'm yet to test it out properly so when I do a review will be up :)

Have you got any nail polish loves for spring? If so, leave a comment about it and I'll be sure to check it out!

Love xx

11 March 2012


I'm soo sorry for my current hiatus! I hand my dissertation in tomorrow and then I have a whole host of wonderful things to share with you!

My current obsession/best friend/help in time of need ;)

Thanks soo much for your patience :)
Love to you all xx