11 December 2012


If you've started your Christmas shopping and preparation and are starting to find it all a bit stressful have a listen to my awesome friend Stacy Skeete.  Her rendition of this song is just so peaceful and really calms your mind- perfect for this season! I've even added it to my Christmas playlist! Enjoy :)

Her website is under-construction so when its ready I'll let you all know! 

Love xx

09 December 2012

Winter 2012 Wishlist

Tis' the season of giving and receiving and for the most part I like to give more than I receive.  But these are a few items I wouldn't mind receiving this season...otherwise I'll be saving up for them myself hehe!


Model: Handbag Size 4
Handles: Long

Main: Fir
Stripe: Beige
Metallic Accessories: Golden

Font: Commercial
Text EJO




(I want this mainly for the Kabuki brush! Its EXACTLY what I've been looking for over the past year and they don't sell it separately :( )




What items are top of your wishlist this Christmas?

Love xx

02 December 2012

DIY: How to Fix Broken Blushes & Eyeshadows

Hello Loves!

My sister has had this broken MAC blush for ages now and I thought it a waste to throw it away so I've kept it for soo long hoping that I'd find a way to repair it! I finally stumbled upon Kandee Johnsons' video, tried it out and it worked! So here is what you will need and how to do it :)

Things you'll need:
1 x (or more) Broken eyeshadows or blush  
1 x Spoon/knife/fork (I used a plastic fork)
1 x Coin
Paper towels
70%(or more) Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1: Really crush up your powder product till the particles are quite fine

Step 2: Drop a few drops of the rubbing alcohol all over the pan

Step 3: Take a few drops of the rubbing alcohol on a new paper towel and wrap the coin inside it

Step 4: Using the coin, press down hard on the eyeshadow/blush until its all pressed down into the pan.  A bit of it may spill out over the sides so you can just press it back into the pan.

Step 5: Leave till completely dry (a few hours/overnight) and enjoy!

Its a super easy and pretty quick process and ensures that you don't throw away your favorite powdered products! You can also use this method to press any loose pigments or powders you may have and the rubbing alcohol acts as a disinfectant!

Hope this is useful and if you try it out let me know how it goes!

Love xx

27 November 2012

Karl Largerfeld for Shu Umuera

Hello Loves!

A few weeks ago during my 'Love Haul' this was one of the first things that I picked up.  When I walked past the Shu Uemura store in Covent Garden, it was the first time I had heard of the collaboration between Shu and Karl Largerfeld.

As I was looking at the collection nothing really caught my eye till I saw this Prestigious Bordeaux eye-shadow pallet- then I swatched the colours and that was the decider for me.  They are soo pigmented and super soft and velvety that I kicked myself slightly for not trying Shu Uemura eye-shadows earlier!

The eye-shadows colours in the pallet are simply called B1-B5 and the B6 shade is a blush (I totally didn't know that till I brought it home! LOL!)

The mirror is in the shape of a Mon Shu girl!

These are the colours up close: 
B1 Top Left- A dark purple multi tonal shimmer
B2 Top Right- A copper-red multi tonal shimmer
B3 Middle Left- A lilac and silver shimmer
B4 Middle Right- A soft brown sheen
B5 Bottom Left- Pressed gold pigment
B6 Bottom Right- Soft pinky coral blush


Overall I really love this pallet  Its in my everyday make-up bag and is perfect for either a neutral or coloured eye.  This pallet is more suited for warmer skin tones and the pigmentation of the shadows makes them last all day (tested with MAC concealer and Laura Mercier eye cream as a base). The colours are really wearable and blend together nicely or alone on your eyelid, as usual the brushes that come with the pallet are not the greatest but its all good! I am beyond glad to have purchased this pallet and really recommend it!

Have you had a chance to look at this collection? What do you think?

Love xx

23 November 2012

November 2012 Glossybox

Hi everyone!

Glossybox has finally sent me a box that I actually want to blog about! I've been quite disappointed with the hit and miss boxes that I've been sent of late so didn't want to waste your time (and mine) blogging about them.  Although there have been some good products so maybe I'll do a round up of the best that Glossybox has sent me? What do you think?

This months box is based around stocking fillers and I've deemed 4 out of the 5 products as decent stocking fillers that I'd actually like to receive.  Keep reading to see which ones I picked!

These are the 5 products 

Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat
I was excited to receive this to see if it was any good and think that its a great size to be a stocking filler! But as an actual top coat, it just doesn't compare to my Seche Vite.  I tried it on about 2 nails before I decided against it- as I painted over the first nail it moved the polish and left a part of my nail colorless! Not impressed.  And it didn't make my nails super shiny...there is almost no difference in shine between the top coated and non top-coated nail.  But in its defense that nail is yet to chip (its been 4 days) so we'll see if it grows on me.

Burberry Body
Mini perfume is such a wonderful idea and this would be great to find in a stocking! I love that its a mini replica of the full size fragrance and this smells pretty nice.  I wouldn't buy the full size because I only commit to a full size perfume if I absolutely LOVE it.  Burberry Body is nice and I'll keep it in my bag to use on the go!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
This came at such a PREFECT time! I've started a new skin care routine and wanted to get a microdermabrasion product but wasn't sure which would be best to use for my skin.  I'm yet to  use it but apparently models use it and love it so I'm excited to see how it works!

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter
I love body moisturizers and I love mango so this travel sized sample is right up my alley!

Ayuuri Sandlewood Face Cream
This is the only product that I'm dubious about.  Glossybox is supposed to send out mini's of higher end products but the full size of this costs less than 5GBP! For that price and the amount of product in the tube I highly doubt that its packed with good ingredients.  Its a face cream but I'm very picky about what goes onto my skin so I'm not sure I'm going to use this.  

What did you get in your Glossybox? Have you used any on the products in this post? What did you think of them?

Love xx

19 November 2012

Blessing Bags

Every Friday night my friends and I go to church- it's a great place to meet people and its very relevant to our lives.  A few weeks ago we were encouraged to get rid of the things in our lives that stop us from living to the fullest! The main points were:

- The cure for Apathy is Passion
- The cure for Lethargy is Energy
- The cure for Idleness is Activity!

It was a really inspiring message and reminded me about JuicyStar07's video last winter on Blessing bags! I had always intended to make some but kept putting it off! I see homeless people everyday on my way to and from work and it breaks my heart about not being able to do anything to help them.  This small bag of blessing gives me (and you, if your heart so desires) the opportunity to offer them more than just well wishes.

I put all the products into large clear sandwich bags to keep it all protected and in one place.  Here are a few photos of what mine looked like :)

1st side of the blessing bag

2nd side of the blessing bag

This is what I put in the bags:
1. Cotton buds
2. Dental Floss
3. Hand Cream
4. Hand Sanitiser
5. Tissues

6. Lip Balm
7. A Comb
8. Socks
9. Nail Scissors
10. Emery board

11. Handy Cleansing Wipes
12. A few snacks
13. A Personalised note- just a few encouraging words for them to read!

14. Shave stick
15. Toothpaste
16. Toothbrush
17. Deodorant
18. Shower Gel

I made sure to try and keep all the products gender neutral and mini sized.  With the miniatures I wanted them to all be individually wrapped so as to keep the items as sanitary and neat as possible.  I made 15 bags (because there were 15 large sandwich bags in the pack that I bought), and take three with me everyday to give out to any homeless person I see.  

I think its a great concept and would love to invite you to join me in being more aware of the need around us.  I think it'll be an amazing thing to do as a group of friends or a family- each of you could bring a few items and distribute them into the bags!

Just an idea to give back this season- tell me what you think!

Love xx

17 November 2012

Keep in touch!

Hello wonderful people!

Just wanted to let you know about other places you can find me- feel free to follow if your heart so desires ;)

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Lots of Love xx

16 November 2012

Love Haul

So I've been saving my pennies for a long time now but a lot of things have been happening in my life and I just wanted to treat myself a little.  The problem with 'a little' is that it quickly turns into 'a lot' but I regret nothing! Thus this is now dubbed the 'Love Haul'- because it was simply to show myself a little love :) Over the past few weeks I shopped in stores that I've never been to and was excited to stumble on a few gems!

What I picked up: Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in 'Jungle' and Metallic Cream eye colour in 'Burnished copper'

My first Space NK haul! The people inside the stores are friendly and informative and they are exactly what they say they are- 'an edited selection of the world's best beauty products'! I've heard good things about every brand that I saw in that shop.  If you easily get overwhelmed in beauty sections in big department stores then definitely pay a visit to Space NK! Their stores are perfectly sized and very well laid out- its a rather peaceful shopping experience!

What I picked up: Karl for Shu prestigious bordeaux palette

Can I just say that I LOVE this palette! Like LOVE! It contains the perfect neutral and bright colours for my skin tone and all the colours are soo pigmented! Its currently in my everyday make-up bag and even has a blush! I'll be doing a full review in a later blog post so keep your eyes peeled!

What I picked up: Nail polish in 'Gold Flash' and 18K Gold plated black earrings

My sister took my other bottle of this polish because she loved it soo much so I picked up another one and these gorgeous simple earrings

What I picked up: 2x Papaya body butters, 2x Brazil Nut body butters and got a free mini shower gel!

Lets face it, my obsession with body butter from the body shop is getting out of hand (I currently have 15 new tubs in my bathroom *hides face in shame* In my defense they were all half price or cheaper when I purchased them!).  They are just so good at keeping my dry skin moisturised ALL day! And when they go on sale I buy them in bulk!

What I picked up: 2 pairs of earrings, a ring and a set of bracelets.

Aldo are having a 2 for 1 on selected jewellery so I picked up the things that caught my eye :) I really love the vintage looking cream and peach earrings and the ring makes my skin glow!

I first saw these items in Fenwicks' but they didn't have everything that I wanted so I picked them up from John Lewis instead :)

Ecrin 4 couleurs in 500 Les Ombres Turandot

Liu eye and lip calligraphy palette (Limited edition)

Guerlain Liquid eyeliner in Noir Ebene

Never have I found such luxurious and excellent quality cosmetics!  Guerlain is seriously under-appreciated in the beauty community and really shouldn't be! Their products are top quality and the packaging is beautiful!  Seriously go and check this brand out when you have the chance to!

I've never been into this store and don't really hear much about it but the ladies in the beauty department were soo nice to me!  Its pretty quite in the store (they play no music) and because its not on the main Oxford st, not many people were in there when I went.  Regardless I had a lovely time and would definitely go back!

Diorshow Waterproof Stylo eyeliner in Carbon

Dior 'Celebration Collection' Brush set including a mini powder foundation, blush, eye-shadow and lip brush (limited edition)

I've been looking for a good quality mini  brush set for a while now and this seems to fit the bill!  These brushes are so small and cute but large enough to do a full face of make-up! The casing they come in is really good quality and has a zip pouch and space for more mini brushes- brilliant!

It still surprises me how much of a mood-lifter shopping can be! Have you shopped just to show yourself a bit of love before?

Love xx