18 September 2011

Westfield: Stratford City

I went over to check out the new Westfield yesterday with my sister and lets just say NEVER AGAIN!

Really and truly, I should have known:
- Firstly, they opened on a Tuesday- no tangible shopping centre I know, opens at the beginning of the week.
- Secondly they named it the same name as a shopping centre thats already open- why??
- Thirdly, Stratford as an area, is still in major development- I chose to take the bus and it seems like there are a lot of regeneration projects happening in the area (including the stations) and so traffic is a bit ridiculous. 

I was disappointed to be honest- terribly so. I couldn't even find the MAC store (I checked on the website when I got home and its another store that's 'opening soon').  If you hate large crowds then STAY AWAY. There were soo many people it gave me a bit of a headache by the time I got to the second floor.  I hate giving bad reviews- so I tend to keep my mouth shut but I feel its my duty to let you know that it really is a waste of time going there...but check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

The only upside is the food.  There is quite a range- from fresh Caribbean food to fresh Italian pasta and a speciality bread shop plus everything in-between including a Greggs (my biggest shock after Primark).  What caught my eye was a really cute little Italian fresh pasta deli on the ground floor.  The people that work there are real Italians, and the pasta is made fresh right in fount of you! The chef was using one of those roller machines to stretch out the pasta- it was soo cool to watch! And the price of the food was quite reasonable.

All-in-all, my conclusion as I left to go home was 'Never Again' but maybe my judgement is too hasty so I shall try again when more of their stores have opened and the hype has died down a little.

Love xx

16 September 2011

Dr. Miracle

So yesterday, for the first time EVER, I managed to relax my hair by myself.  Admittedly I've relaxed my mum and sisters hair multiple times but never been brave enough to do it on myself- hence spending £25 every-time I go to the hairdressers. Yesterday has marked a new era in my life!

I wanted to do things right so youtube'd  how to do it at home and found soo many channels dedicated to black hair care that i kicked myself for not looking earlier! Anywho, after watching a few videos I decided to follow LaurenMichelle's video (she has AMAZING hair and after reading her blog and watching pretty much all her videos I decided to trust her advise).

Also check out her Blowdry series! Its pretty awesome :) 

I also decided to Use Dr.Miracles for the first time- so I quick hopped it to my local beauty shop (its just been opened by a couple of Asian men and has been putting the overpriced Nigerian shop across the road out of business!) and asked the guy in the shop and he said it was the best (even though ten seconds earlier he was trying to flock me some useless £2.99 fake olive oil relaxer kmt!) I also managed to pick up some Ambi face soap and Africa's best leave-in/wash-out deep conditioner(their products always smell soo good!) Review of both of these coming soon!

The way my hair feels after relaxer is always horrible but Dr.Miracles didn't leave my hair feeling as bad, so I was quite impressed.  But unless my hair feels like silk I'm not satisfied so I always deep condition- this usually entails me mixing all the conditioners in my house together and leaving my hair to soak for at least 1hour.  Yesterdays concoction was a mix of :

1) Tresemme's Saloon silk conditioner (actually makes my hair feel like silk!)
2) Herbal Essence's Hello hydration conditioner (smells divine!)
3) Africa's best Deep Conditioner (still testing but smells amazing too!)

I then proceeded to wrap my hair in cling-film (my lil sister saw me and said I looked like I was from outer space) and go about my business for 2hours.  In the last few minutes I got a hair dryer and blasted it on the hottest setting, all over my hair for a bit of extra thermal stimulation. I rinsed, rinsed again and applied Africas best conditioner mixed with Dr. Miracles Relaxed Hair potion (came with the relaxer kit) and let it air dry naturally for a few hours.  Just before I went to bed I sectioned my hair, conditioned my scalp with Africas best Super Grow and followed  LaurenMichelle's Blow-dry series.  

I'm not gonna lie- my hair looks amazing and has that 'Afro-american hair bounce' I've never been able to achieve. Its super soft and has shine I could have only dreamed of! So for £5.99 and a tub of elbow grease, I've managed to get the gorgeous hair I've always wanted and never been able to achieve in a professional hairdressers for £25+.  Amen to DIY hair!

Love xx

04 September 2011


Today was my friends wedding, tears were shed, friendships re-united and love expressed- an absolutely wonderful day! Plus I got to go round my old neighbourhood, where I grew up, and it made me very grateful for my childhood and the good schools I went to :) Pictures to come soon!

LOVE how glee did this song :)

Today I am grateful for:
1. Friends I have known over half my life
2. Amazing families that are welcoming to those whom they don't know
3. A good education
4. My old neighbourhood...
5. ...and all the wonderful memories, friends and experiences I've had there
6. Nandos hehe
7. Fresh, unpolluted air!
8. Concealer
9. Kind friends who offer lifts on dark nights
10. Options

Love xx

03 September 2011

Happy, Thankyou, More Please

So I watched a movie the other day called 'Happy, Thankyou, More Please'- its wonderful and I definitely reccomend it!

It made me realise that I do not take enough time to be thankful for all the good things in my life, so its my challenge in September to find 10 things everyday that I am grateful for.  I missed yesterday so will start today:

1. That I am in good health
2. That I have a loving family
3. That I have a place to call home
4. My skin felt the warmth of sunshine today...
5. ...that I don't burn in the sun, ever!
6. Skype!!
7. Bright coloured shoes
8. Salvation
9. Pure, unforceful, kind, gentle love
10. Peppermint Green Tea

What are you grateful for today?

Love xx

Twilight Zone

Sorry for lack of posts, I've been wanting to do a video for a while but my skin has decided to host a party for blemishes to massive pores and everything in between.  So I decided on a full detox- so far not so good...but I have managed to eat a lot more healthy and flush my system with copious amounts of peppermint green tea and H20.

Anywho(yes, the 'who' was intentional hehe) yesterday and today have brought glorious sunshine with them! I think its the last of the sun before winter rears its Ice covered roads and bitter winds- so Ive been dressing as summery as possible!  Yesterday saw Bright orange shorts and a monochrome striped t-shirt.  Today's outfit included a retro shirt I 'inherited' from my mum and my gorgeous wedges from Aldo

Running away?

Face- MAC Studio Fix pressed powder in NW45, Maybelline Liner Express in Black, Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown, MAC Lipstick in Lady Bug, Party of blackheads on my forehead 

Shirt/Mothers closet  Black Skinny Jeans/Levi  Wedges/Aldo  Sunglasses/Matalan  Ring/Primark  Earrings/Cant remember
(Sorry for the bad lighting I'd just got back home and the sunlight was fading fast. Photo credits to my sister!)  

Thursday was the day set aside for looking for an outfit for my friends wedding on Saturday (3rd)- but somehow I ended up in Primark on Oxford St *sigh* I went in with good intentions and came out with a bag full of fun hehe.  And for the first time ever I bought shoes that were a size too small for me BUT they fit! Does anyone else do this?

And its 00.48 and I STILL have no idea what I'm wearing to a wedding that starts in 12 hours! Never have I felt so ill prepared, outfit wise, for anything! Pray that I get up and love everything in my wardrobe so I can make a quick decision!

Love xx