20 August 2011

Take Heart

Just sit in quiet and listen :)

Love xx

06 August 2011

Benefit FLASH SALE!!

Hey awesome people! I just heard about this flash sale and am on my way to John Lewis on Oxford Street as I type! So wanted to let you know about it as well!

02 August 2011

Summer Summer Summer time

London has been soo gorgeous and sunny the past few days so me and my boyfriend decided to have lunch in Hyde Park. It was wonderful! Sunshine, people everywhere, flowers and a lot of people watching on my part (Londoners have the most amazing sense of style!).

Sorry for the lack of make-up in this photo! My boyfriend likes my face 'au natural' and isnt a fan of the transfer of my foundation on his clothes hehe

Tomorrow is set to be 30C apparently!! That's tropical for any climate and certainly unheard of in England so it'll be fun to see how people cope in the heat! Is it sunny where you are? What will you be wearing?

Before we went out, I gave myself a manicure and when I got home I gave myself a pedicure! It was such a good day! On my fingernails: Golddigger gold nail polish, L.A. Colours 'Cranberry Red' with Barry M 'Red Glitter' over it. And on my toenails I have Barry M's Pink Flamingo- its a gorgeous bright baby pink (weird description I know but its the only way I can describe it lol) I would put up a photo but I don't like my feet.

This is the song that best describes my mood- an absolute classic!