27 July 2011

Mini Haul

It was my sisters birthday yesterday so the day before I went shopping for her gifts and managed to pick a few things up for myself in the process :D

For all the women that store their things in their bra: money, phone, lip-gloss and all manner of other things, this is your new breast friend (excuse the pun, I couldn't help myself!) No longer is there a risk of accidental nipple show when digging for the fiver that's slipped down the side of your bra! And at £3 its an absolute bargain!

How you can use it :)

I also picked up a little gem from MAC's Semi Precious collection. 'Smoked Ruby' was the only shade that I couldn't leave behind- its gorgeous and so unique it was love at first sweep(over my eyelid). I did like the green one as well but I was a little unsure so may go back for it...we'll see :)

And FINALLY I have decided on a sleek pallet! Its taken me a while because as much as I love wearing colour I'm not so confident with it on my face(Bar Vegas Volt lipstick from MAC) And so freak a little at the possibility that I may leave my house looking like a clown, rather than an exotic beauty...

Having said this, the 'Sunset pallet' that I purchased is perfect! A good mix of Neutrals and 3 main bights that I can experiment with and blend away if anything too disastrous happens!

Swatches (Smoked Ruby is the one on top by itself)

The colours are gorgeous but didn't come out as pretty on camera so definitely go check them out for yourself! I'm also after their new limited edition Aruba Blush and Bonaire Pout polish. I tried on the pout polish and it gave my lips the nicest summery orange sheen without being to OTT and I've been looking for an orange blush ever since I saw this video

That's the end of my mini haul! I'm yet to do a clothes/shoes haul cos I've had to move house so I'm still getting my room together and all my things in one place so please be a little more patient with me :)


09 July 2011

Asos Virgin

OK, just so you know I HATE online shopping unless Ive tried it on in the store first and know exactly what I want. Also the bain of my life are postage and packaging costs- I'm already buying things from you, so why would you charge to send it to me?! *annoyance*

For these two major reasons I've never bought anything from ASOS.com. Also I find that things online can sometimes look different in real life i.e. It looks great online and rubbish in real life or vise versa. Basically when I buy something its a commitment- I cannot stand returning things(hang-up from working in M&S lol)

But a few days ago( friday 1st to be exact) I lost my asos cherry simply because the cape I've been STALKING for like 4 months has gone on sale *YAY* I also picked up a white maxi skirt, Oriental print scarf and large floppy hat(which I'm returning cos it doesnt fit on my big head- meh!)

ASOS Jersey Maxi Skirt

ASOS Oriental Floral Print Scarf

Close up

ASOS Cotton Hooded Cape Mac

Button detail

Back View (sorry about the creases- it was new out of the packaging)

I must say that I am impressed with ASOS. I ordered at 5.40pm on a friday and by Monday 4th my order was shipped to me. And because of my dislike of P&P costs I picked the 'UK Style Saver'(aka FREE) postage option which is supposed to take up to 6 working days. I came home on Wednesday 6th to find my package had tried to be delivered to me(I wasnt home so they tried again the next day and left it with my neighbor)

Their items were also as nice as they were on the website and run true to size!! I will be ordering from them again for sure! If you're as ASOS.com virgin like I was- definitely take the plunge.


08 July 2011

Summer Jam

Hey awesome people :)

Sorry I've been away for a little while...its been a busy few weeks for me BUT I do have soo much to show you its unreal! Lets just say my shopping ban hasn't gone so well lol

Ive been trying to get a decent camera to film my June/July haul on and have managed to grab my sisters Nikon so I'll be filming asap for you to see all my gorgeous goodies!

Till then, enjoy this awesome song! I LOVE it! Let me know if it puts you in a super happy mood as well :D