22 June 2011

Sole mates

So my friend and I went for a wonder round Leeds town Center yesterday and I may have picked up two more pairs of shoes in the sale...

The haul video is gonna be LONG!

Hope everyone had a great weekend? I saw Green Lantern yesterday and it's awesome!! Today I'm off out with the girlies to see Bridesmaids- if you've seen it let me know what you think!


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19 June 2011

15 June 2011

Death of a Shoe

So you know the shoes I told you about on saturday? That managed to withstand the rain? It was all a LIE!!!! I was wearing them yesterday and all of a sudden 'flap, flap, flap'- I look down to see that my shoe is starting a conversation with the pavement *shock horror* But I think to myself 'its not too bad- i can make it home and sort them out there' LIE No2!! LITERALLY 2 steps later 7/8ths of the sole was hanging off the shoe! My only option at this point is to rip off the rest of it and find my way home.

*RIP Shoe :(

I'm gonna see if I can repair them and let you know how it works out!

I still had a long way to go to get home so decided to stop over at Bluewater and get some tights (seriously needed) and a new pair of flats so I have something to wear home. This decision was the beginning of my downfall...I was confronted with the summer sales HEAD ON with NO WARNING!

I don't have time to take pictures and blog about it all so im just gonna do a haul video of all the things I've bought this month. Just waiting for a few things to come in the post then you can see everything properly :) keep an eye out on my Youtube channel to see it *yay*


13 June 2011


I was soo late for where I had to be on Sunday morning that I did my make-up on the tube! But it didn't turn out so bad so *yay*

MAC Studio Fix Powder(NW45) MAC Raizin Blush Avon Earth Quad Eyeshadow

Maybelline Line Express in Black Mary Kay Signature Ultimate Mascara

Vaseline Rose and Almond Oil MAC Viva Glam 6 Lipstick

*This is my usual every day look when I decide to 'paint my face' as my dad puts it :P

BTW Transport For London is a JOKE on the weekends! The amount of times I had to change tube/bus to get to my destination was a JOKE!! But I did go to Camden for the first time and found an ALDO discount store!! *BEST* useless TFL delay day ever!! Albeit that it rained soo hard that my black flats were nearly ruined. Somehow through all this I was pretty calm. Normally I would have been stressing out that 'I'm late' and that 'my shoes are ruined' but I was uncharacteristically undramatic about the day :)

Hope you had better weather/transport where you were this weekend


11 June 2011


So I got my hair done today and while I was at my hairdressers house I saw this music video. I've never heard of TY Bello before but I love this song and the message behind it! She is stunning and has such gorgeous style! I especially love the shiny green waistcoat. Check her out!!


10 June 2011

Shoe Galore

So to help me with my spending and saving I’ve decided to have 1 day a month where I can go out and get all my *wants*: these are things that are not absolutely necessary but I’ve been eying for a while and have thought about before purchasing. And then I can get anything else that I find that I may need for the next month and beyond ;)

I picked up some jewelery from Dorothy Perkins on sale:

And some face cream! Oh goodness my skin has been all over the place lately- I think because of the constant changing weather and now hay-fever! So I was on the look out for awesome face and eye cream and found this in House of Fraser:

Its supposed to be awesome for your skin and has Organic products in it so I'll do a review on it soon. As I walked past the Givenchy counter i grabbed a few of these:

They smell AMAZING!! I'm thinking of getting the full sized bottle! Then I got some shoe protect things so I can care for my shoes a little better.

This months *WANT* are the ‘Forwood’ shoes from Aldo. I’ve wanted these for MONTHS but they keep selling out- especially in my size(UK8) so I rang all the London stores yesterday till I could reserve a pair and here they are:

They are gorgeous! Ill post an outfit with them on as soon as I wear them :) I got them in the other pattern as well but they had to be ordered so are coming in the post in the next few days!! Cant wait :D

I then went onto the Body shop website to get some more moisturiser and ended up getting a new foot pumice and some eye cream. I have a code to get 50% off till midnight June 12th so I though 'Why not?' ;) Just type in 'SHARE' into the promotion code box and you get everything half price!! Lets just say I 'stocked up' hehe


YES!! :D

OMG we're getting a forever 21 on Oxford street in London!! Excited much? HECK YES!!

Hey :)

So this is my new blog!

I think it'll mainly be about beauty and things that I purchase and outfits that I wrangle together although you may get a few more surprises ;)

I named it 'Shopaholics Journey' cos i genuinely think that I may have a problem when it comes to buying clothes/accessories and shoes! ESPECIALLY when they're on sale!! God help me if there is a sale! So I'm trying to cut down to only buying what i deem 'essentials' once a month- wish me luck!!